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We have an exam scheduled for Tuesday 3/6.  It will cover all material from the start of the class through our current outline.  Reviewing the posted exercises that have been assigned so far should be good preparation for the exam.  Tomorrow (2/27) we will finish the current outline and go on to this new slideshow.  You are not responsible for that new material on the exam.   Friday 2/28 I will answer any review questions students have for the exam, and then continue with the new slideshow.
Lecture notes and exercises have been posted for Friday's class.  See the handouts page.  Also, the assignment sheet has been updated based on today's class.
1/15/2018 The first two lectures will be run off a power point file.  It has been posted on the course handouts page.  You can download the powerpoint, or a pdf version of the slides, or a version that has space to take notes.  Some students may wish to use this latter file to take notes electronically, or to take notes on a printed copy during class.
1/15/2018 Please use the Course Info  link to read about course policies and plans.  A student survey will be distributed in class the first day, but if you wish you can print a copy before that, and bring it to class already filled out.  Also, please read about Freemat Software.